Oven Cleaning

Oven Cleaning - One of the most loathed chores to do in your home!

Your oven is one of the most used pieces of equipment in your home.  

It is also one of the most difficult and time consuming items to clean.  

  • Does your oven smoke every time you switch it on? 
  • Have you tried to clean your oven with no success?
  • Are you embarrassed to open your oven door? 
  • Do you think your oven is beyond cleaning? 
If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, I can and I will help you.  I will clean your oven and make it sparkle once more. 
When I attend your home, I will ensure areas around the oven are protected with protective mats/coveralls.  Then I will proceed to remove all removable parts, i.e. racks, trays, and seals (depending on oven model) and these will be placed in a cleaning tank in the rear of my vehicle and cleaned. 

I will then clean the interior of your oven removing all burnt on food, grime and grease.  

I will remove the door and clean around the seals and where possible (depending on model of oven) clean between the glass panes of the oven door.  

I will then reassemble the oven and leave you with a clean and polished oven, looking nearly new once again and ready for you to use.